Amsterdome resurrects

AMSTERDAM - One of the most iconic domes of the Netherlands is getting a second life in Amsterdam. It will be the first circular conference location in the Netherlands. The location is operated by the TeKa Group and will open its doors at the end of November. The event location will be located in Amsterdam-West, near the A5 motorway. In Amsterdome, there is a large plenary hall that offers space for groups of up to 1,000 people. Furthermore, 16 sub-rooms and modern catering offices will be realized. The location has a floor area of 5,000 m2 and is suitable for trade fairs and conferences.

With this, Amsterdome undergoes a striking transformation. The dome is etched in memory by millions as a shelter of the former aviation museum at Schiphol. This was the first geodesic dome in Europe with a span of 60 meters and height of 24 meters, making it the largest “dome” in the world at it’s opening in 1971! 

Rebuilding has never been shown before
After the closure of the aviation museum in 2003, the dome was demolished and stored in sea containers. The rebuilding is considered an architectural feat. The 70,000 kilograms dome construction was lifted ring by ring with a crane. In total 1,100 diamond-shaped aluminum pans were placed.

Amsterdome: circularly rebuilt
"Amsterdome is part of Amsterdam and will soon be a real eye-catcher for the city," says initiator Timo Kruft of the TeKa Group. "Moreover, it is much more sustainable to give the dome a second life."

Part of urban renewal in Sloterdijk
The reconstruction is a boost for the municipality of Amsterdam. In the coming years, the Sloterdijk business park will gradually change into a lively working area with iconic architecture and (recreational) facilities for employees and visitors. This is the new age and the transitional economy. The area must form a connecting link between the city and the port and occupy a central place in the Metropolitan Area