All advantages for you

  • Accessibility

    Amsterdome is located next to motorways A5 and A10. The location is only 900 meters from Sloterdijk Station. Amsterdome can be reached by car or public transport within 20 minutes from Schiphol Airport. Perfect for international guests.

  • 16 flexible rooms

    Amsterdome has a plenary conference room for up to 1,000 people and a height of approximately 10 meters. This space is perfect for keynote sessions, conference debates and more plenary program components. Around the plenary room there are sixteen spaces for break-out sessions.

  • 5.000 m² surface

    Amsterdome offers 5,000 m² for events and a height of 24 meters. The dome has a span of 60 meters and is one of the largest domes of the Netherlands. Amsterdome can accomodate 200 to 1,000 guests. 

  • Catering facilities

    Delicious food and drinks are crucial for the success of an event. Amsterdome has its own catering facilities. You can choose a healthy lunch or an extensive dinner for up to 200 people. Our team will deliver a high quality food experience. The venue has a modern kitchen and in the foyer people can enjoy food and drinks with a stunning view of the inside of the dome

  • AV Equipment

    The venue is equipped with advanced multimedia facilities and the most modern technology in the field of light, sound, video and rigging.

  • Circular venue

    The reconstruction of Amsterdome is the perfect example of circular venues. The building is made of reused materials with a focus on sustainable options such as high insulation glass and a heat /cold storage system that stores energy in the soil in the form of heat or cold which is then used to control the temperature of the building.

  • Parking spaces

    The location has complimentary car parking up to 200 spaces. In addition, we can use 300 other parking spaces nearby the venue.

  • Hotels

    Guests can choose multiple affordable hotels nearby Amsterdome.

An unique location like Amsterdome is the best choice for the presentation of a new product, a new service or a new concept! The first circular event location in The Netherlands gives your product launch an even more innovative touch!

All technical facilities and optimal acoustics
You probably want your innovation to jump off the screen. That’s possible. With a 17-meter-wide curved screen, your presentation can be seen perfectly from the back of the room. Also the top acoustics - which we have put a lot of energy into - will make your guests happy. And did you know that not only do we have all the technical facilities, but also the technicians that take a weight off your shoulders during the preparation and during the product launch itself?

Food experience with a sustainable twist
All while, of course, ensuring that your guests want for nought. We can, for example, set up food corners for you in the dome. But just as easily, we can serve snacks and drinks to your guests. Our food team naturally opts for fair and sustainable food and works as much as possible with regional and seasonal products.

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