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The spaces

This unique location has various rooms for an impressive event. Your guests enter the spacious and bright entrance, while in the adjacent foyer the snacks are ready. The pavilion provides a real wow feeling among your visitors, this is the ideal place for a conference or corporate event. Central to the dome is a multifunctional and flexible plenary hall that can accommodate groups of up to 1.000 people. Combine these spaces with the 16 flexible subspaces for workshops and brainstorming sessions. All rooms are provided with high quality audiovisual equipment.


The reconstruction is unique in many ways. Never before has a dome been rebuilt on such a large scale. This makes the dome litteraly the first circular event location in the Netherlands. The location is made up of existing materials which got a second life. More sustainabe isn't possible! The dome is equipped with glass with a high insulation value. In addition, the location also has a heat-cold storage installation. In the winter the soil heat is used to heat the dome and in the summer the other way around. Sustainable and responsible.


Sustainable and socially responsible entrepreneurship is of paramount importance, for this event location, and is seen as a continuous process which is never finished. Our vision on sustainability and corporate social responsibility comes first and foremost from the inside out. We find it important to deal responsibly with people and resources. In addition, we respond to the increasingly higher expectations from society and the wishes of clients and other stakeholders. The reconstruction of Amsterdome fits seamlessly with it.