10 reasons for an event in Amsterdome

  • Circular event venue
  • Architectural highlight
  • Perfect for 200 to 1,000 people
  • Plenary room with 17 meter width screen
  • 16 breakout rooms, foyer and catering pavilion
  • Modern technical facilities
  • High-quality catering
  • Parking spaces
  • Only 900 meters from station Sloterdijk
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First circular event location!
We bet that your guests will be excited before your event even starts! Why you ask? Amsterdome is not only an iconic piece of architecture, it has an interior that is almost entirely made of recycled materials, and the fact that the dome itself got a second life as the first circular event location in the Netherlands! That is sure to appeal to the imagination. Amsterdome has a floor area of 5,000 m² in total with a plenary hall that can accommodate up to 1,000 people. With a bright foyer, a pavilion on the first floor and 16 flexible break out rooms, this location has everything for making a successful event.

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